Eerie tours from Fright Nights

Ghosthunters will get an exclusive opportunity to experience the eerie activity at Dalton Mills this summerFright Nights West Yorkshire has secured two dates for its ghost hunting tours, in May and June.


Participants will get a spooky night-time tour of the disused part of the mill, as well as a chance to use scientific and ‘ghostbusting' equipment. The tour will include a walk around with an established medium and experiments such as glass divination and séances, to try and witness some of the paranormal activity that has previously being reported at Dalton Mills. 


Fright Nights has run Ghost Hunts in locations around the country for 15 years and Kellie Etherington and Nathan Wallbank have just bought the West Yorkshire franchise and arranged tours around the region.


Kellie says: "Dalton Mills is a fabulous location for us as it has such a rich and fascinating history to explore. We've also been able to get hold of some of the original artefacts, which we can use as ‘trigger' objects in our experiments. For example, we have some of the original clocking in cards that were used by the mill workers in its heyday, which we're really excited about. There are also lots of other features of the past still contained within the mill - the ‘naughty ring' where children were taken when they misbehaved is still there and as well as the clocking in cards, shoes have been found within walls, placed there to ward off witches."

There have been numerous reports of strange sights and sounds from workers, visitors to the mill and some of the TV crews who have filmed period dramas at the site. It's rumoured that a lady in clogs can be heard wandering around the top floor of the Genappe Mill, and that the ex-foreman of the mill, Myers, is still roaming the building watching over his workers.


The Fright Nights tours will only be running for a limited time due to our extensive restoration, which will transform the derelict parts of the site. Fright Nights first Ghost Hunt, which runs on May 2 from 8pm to 3am, costs £50 and features medium and paranormal investigator, Daniel MacDonald.


Kellie from Fright Nights says: "This is a great opportunity to gain access to a unique venue. It's all the more special because it will only run for a limited time, until the mill is renovated, so people need to get in quick!"

Posted on 11/04/2014 by bellissimo