From ghost-hunting tours to airsoft revolutions, we have some exciting events running at Dalton Mills. We are also often approached by TV and film companies, looking for a characterful location, or a site with period features, to use as a backdrop for productions.


Over the next few years, while renovations take place, we have a huge amount of space, in the unused parts of the mill, which could be suited to all kinds of activities, filming or photoshoots. In addition, we sometimes have some meeting space available for business or community events.


If you have an activity or filming opportunity in mind, and you think Dalton Mills is the right location, please contact us to find out if we can help, and to obtain details of our daily hire rates.


Arrange a callback about hiring Dalton Mills for events or shoots, and our current rates.



Events coming up at Dalton Mills:


Fright Nights West Yorkshire Ghost Hunts

Fright Nights run regular ghost hunting tours from the mill, which have been a huge success to date. Participants get a spooky tour of the mill, led by an established medium, as well as a chance to use cutting edge ghosthunting equipment. Part of the tours also includes séances and glass divination to try and witness some of the previously reported paranormal activity at the mill.


UK Ghost Hunts

UK Ghost Hunts have booked to host ghost hunting events at the mill, which include paranormal investigators and the unique 'spring' ouija boards. As well as ouija boards, participants get to try out specialist ghost hunting equipment such as franks box, evp and k2 to try and communicate with the spirits that are reported to roam Dalton Mills.


Find out more about our upcoming events here